Welcome to Andre Renee Writes Publishing Co., LLC children's books

Welcome to Andre Renee Writes Publishing Co., LLC children's books

Welcome to Andre Renee Writes Publishing Co., LLC children's booksWelcome to Andre Renee Writes Publishing Co., LLC children's booksWelcome to Andre Renee Writes Publishing Co., LLC children's books

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Andre Renee Writes Publishing Co, LLC

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   Andre' Renee' is an author of children’s books, a poet and a playwright. As a writer I believe teaching children early to get along with each other is paramount to life, peace and growth. In my series of children’s books, my goals are to promote these core values. Our books incorporate the five core competencies of social emotional learning, they also are utilized for bibliotherapy. I write books to help children with problems they may encounter along the way. 

  We have a book titled “Teach Me How to Respect Money”. This children’s book is a great way to teach about saving & money management. This is a great tool to have for ages 4-10. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking at many schools and libraries with our “Meet the Author” program. I also, had the pleasure of speaking at the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center.  

We are pleased to have partnered with the South Lake Mall in Merrillville, Indiana in 2018. The “Meet the Author” event was the first of its kind and was a great success. Our Radio show on 102.3 FM Chicago's Rejoice gospel station was a live broadcast show. We focused on the arts and on the passion that drive the artist. Today we podcast, our stories cover all genres with celebrity co-host. 

Our overall goals are to enrich children's lives with our core values packed writing

About Us

Children's Books ages 4-10

Our children's books are entertaining but most importantly they promote the five core competencies of social emotional Leaning. S. E. L. 

1. Self Management

2. Self Awareness

3. Social Awareness

4. Relationship Skills 

5. Responsible Decision


Educators, Therapist and Counselors use our books for bibliotherapy. 

Ask About our Meet The Author Program.

This is a program that's Tailor-made to your schools, libraries, churches etc. The Author(s) or educator(s) will come out and read to the children and/or includes professional development to your staff.  We have many programs to offer, call now for details. 219-746-4329


1. ”Teach Me How to Play,” our goal for this book is to teach how play with children from diverse backgrounds. We also teach conflict resolution. 

2. “I’m Special Too,” in this book we help with disappointment and second child syndrome. It’s a wonderful way to explain how love is always equal when another child is born. 

3.“The Baby is Coming,” starts off funny and ends with the family full of love with the arrival of their second baby.

4.“Bullies Don’t Scare Me,” young Eric is bullied and he wants to transfer to a different school. His teacher thinks it’s because he was adopted by two moms. Follow along as Eric faces his bullies with the same love he receives at home.

5.“My Freckles Make Me Pretty,” Emma Talks with her dad via video chat, he’s in the military and is deployed overseas. She doesn’t feel pretty because of her freckles. Her father reassures her just how pretty she is.

6.“The Monster in Uniform,” This book is an awful reminder that in war there’s death, Emma finds out her father will never come home. This book deals with grief.

7.“Teach Me How to Respect Money,” this book is a wonderful way to teach money management skills, follow the twins Andre’ Jr and Renee as they both receive their allowances and utilized it in different ways. 


Our tour starts May 23, 2020, New Hope Church Gary Indiana.

*This is a Can't Miss Show*

“A Talk with My Therapist”

Stage Play

Scottie needs some good advice, so he decides to see a therapist. Tammy, his wife finds out and is now concerned. She asks herself, "why does he need one, is he cheating or is he...?" She has no clue. To make matters worse, he instructed his secretary to hide his Monday appointments. The secretary tells her cousin, which is his wife and the drama begins. Hold on to your seats this play will make you laugh, cry and the suspense is Real.

Come out and enjoy this hit Play....

Come out on May 23, 2020 at New Hope Church, located on 2307 Rhode Island 

St. Gary, In. 46407. Purchase tickets on Eventbrite, *New Hope presents

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